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This website is dedicated to the "Olympic and Paralympic sport" of precision competition 10 metre air pistol target shooting and the associated specialised coaching and encouragement.


Thank you for visiting our website, the content of which is constantly being reviewed, revised and hopefully improved.


We are always looking for ways to keep you up to date with new information.

If we are able, via the details and information in the various items and articles, to inspire you to afford a little more 'thinking' time to learn about the finer and more subtle details of precision air pistol target shooting, then we will have achieved our coaching aim and you may well have just gained that important and vital extra point and thereby improved your confidence in and your satisfaction obtained from the sport.


The emphasis of this site is purely non-commercial, as we are only interested in providing a focal point for the air pistol competition target shooting community, for all levels of shooting ability, irrespective of age, gender, able-bodied or disabled.


We do not have any connection with any of the trade names mentioned other than as a satisfied customer. 


We are making this effort to present you with some thought provoking ideas in the belief that this will help you to improve your enjoyment of this "Olympic" sport of precision target pistol shooting. 


There are many makes of very good competition grade air pistols available, including Air Match, Benelli, Feinwerkbau, Hammerli, Match Guns, Morini, Pardini, Rohm, Steyr and Walther. The choice of make tends to be a personal or financial one, not because anyone make or model functions better or achieves better results.

At the end of the day, if you have full confidence that your pistol will provide consistent shot placement and you take the time and effort to learn the feel of the pistol and the way that it reacts to the shot release, then you will probably shoot very well with that pistol.


There may be small changes that you can make to personalise your pistol which will contribute to improving your shot placement consistency. Some of these are mentioned in the following articles.


If you are not familiar with us and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you. Please let us know your ideas.


You can contact us at coaching@tenrings.co.uk 


Latest site update: 14th January 2024

We have ideas as to the way we would like this site to progress and develop, but would always be pleased to hear from you.


If you have any items or tips that may be of help to other competition air pistol shooters, please feel free to volunteer them for consideration for inclusion.

Your tip could make all the difference to the scores achieved by other shooters.



John Marchant 

Tenrings Coaching
NSRA Qualified Regional Coach    
Small-bore Rifle, Pistol & 3 Position   


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Steyr LP10E Steyr LP10E - Photograph courtesy of Steyr Sportwaffen
Steyr Evo 10 Steyr Evo 10 - Photograph courtesy of Steyr Sportwaffen

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