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Food for thought

What do you think that you can do to convert normal 10.1's into scorching 10.9's?

Is the placement of your finger on the trigger shoe exactly the same for every shot? A small variation in the position of your finger can contribute to irregular shot placements.

Preparation for every shot is so important. If you fail to prepare, then you have to be prepared to fail.
Mentally rehearse and use visualisation for every aspect of your shot creation cycle to ensure that you execute this to perfection, every time.

Changes to your diet or the time that you eat, can often make a considerable difference to your ability to perform consistently at your highest level of achievement.

Are you 100% certain that you are looking through the centre of your sights for every shot? If not, why not?

You cannot expect to achieve a consistently high standard and good shot placement if your foresight image is blurred.

Loss of focus on the foresight can cause a greater variation in the shot placement and consistency.

The way to achieve more 10.9s is to ensure that your concentration and attention to the finest detail is at its highest for every shot.

Concentration on the shot creation process is of paramount importance. Forget about the previous shot scores, as you can do nothing to improve it.

Performance is a measure of the outcome and therefore a direct result of the fine attention to detail in the process.

It is all very well creating a detailed shooting diary however, it is even better to actually re-read your notes and learn from them.

Once you have confirmed the shot placement, control and dismiss your emotions, move on to the next shot and put your full attention to detail into the next shot creation cycle.

If you cut corners in your shot creation process, you can expect your group size to increase exponentially.

High performance outcomes can only be obtained by achieving a consistent natural point of aim, without any muscling of the sights or shot.

Consistent high-level performance can only be achieved by ensuring that every aspect of your shot creation process is performed to the highest level of your ability.

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