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Pellet comparison tests on the Steyr LP10E.
Pellet group testing of Steyr Sportwaffe[...]
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How to get to grips with the Pistol Grip
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Free Pistol

We have added a Morini CM84E UK specification (Long Arm 60) Free Pistol to the precision shooting challenges.


It is intended to use this pistol for casual target shooting and not to take this addition to the precision pistol stock too seriously, although time will tell.


Entering a few competitions now with the Free Pistol. It is easy to obtain not very good scores.


More than four years on and it is still great fun to shoot with and there is so much to learn. The slightest error in aligning the sights or the sight picture produces a point of impact quite a long way from the expected.


As can be seen, work has already started on reshaping the grip, to provide the maximum area of contact and repeatability in the positioning of the hand.

Morini CM84E Morini CM84E - photo copyright of Tenrings Coaching



The Steyr LP10E arrived quite a few years ago and more, serious shooting is continuing as always.

The first impression, it was difficult to put the LP10E down, you just want to keep on shooting it.


Ongoing impression, it is still definitely difficult to put the LP10E down.


The scores may not be brilliant, probably due to the ability of the shooter, but the satisfaction factor is always superb.

There is an instant "grin" factor every time you shoot with the LP10E, as it is such a dream to shoot.


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We are now able to offer the following NSRA Approved Courses:



NSRA YPS Air Rifle Instructors Diploma Course

NSRA YPS Air Pistol Instructors Diploma Course

NSRA Airgun Club Instructors Course

NSRA Prone Rimfire Club Instructors Course

NSRA Scorers Course


For full details please contact coaching@tenrings.co.uk


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