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About us

We are a small collective of enthusiastic precision air pistol target shooters who are often in attendance at various open Air Gun competitions around the U.K.


We are all trying to improve our own general standard of achievement and success in shooting by learning from others and in turn, hopefully passing on some of this information to other interested shooters, either by general discussion or specific coaching.


In brief, you may be interested to know the following about us.


We have been actively involved in competitive air pistol shooting for 49 years and felt that it was time to make some of the knowledge and experience that has been gained as a shooter and a qualified coach, available to others.


We would be pleased to meet with you and share your views. Either in person or via our e-mail contact, coaching@tenrings.co.uk

This is the type of result that we all hope to achieve, a perfect 10.9 at 10 metres.


Some of the top class of shooters achieve this very regularly, the rest of us not as often as we would like.


This image has not been electronically modified, only enlarged for clarity. This was achieved using a Steyr LP10E and H & N Finale Match Pistol pellet size 4.49mm, with a muzzle velocity of approximately 530fps, (Feet per second).


The copyright of this image is the property of the estate of the late Brian Silvester and has been reproduced with the kind permission of his estate.

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